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Sammic Turbo Liquidiser TRX-22 3030506

Product Description

Part Number: 3030506

Extra/Replacement Grids Available In Accessories Turbo-blender designed to work in up to 800 litre / 130 gal. bowls.

  • Fully manufactured in stainless steel 18/10
  • For mixing and liquidising directly in the pot or pan for making consommés, soups, omelettes, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Designed for large yields and for frequent use and cleaning, ideal for kitchens with a large production and the food industry.
  • Available in models with 1 or 2 speeds.
  • Ease of use: can be moved in several directions, adjustable height, fitted on a trolley with 4 non-slip rubber wheels, 2 of them with brakes.
  • Arm: 600 mm long for blending in any type of cooking pot, whether round or rectangular, equally effective throughout the whole pot.
  • Balanced liquidiser arm: stops the arm falling or tipping back when not locked.
  • Arm securing lever: allows you to lock the blender with one hand while holding the trolley with the other.
  • Watertight, tilted control panel: easy access even during use.
  • Control panel located on the trolley, making the arm more agile, with better mobility.
  • Control panel with built-in timer: you can leave the machine running for up to 60 minutes without the need for user involvement.
  • Wiring incorporated into the trolley tubes: The work area is free of cables, so as not to hinder the movement of the blender arm.
  • Supports for storing the power supply cable: prevents the cable getting tangled and inconveniencing other users.
  • The turbine, disc and grille are very easy to remove for cleaning: no tools needed.
  • The turbine, guard, disc and attachment can be cleaned in dishwashers.
  • For use with 3 easily interchangeable attachments, which meet the needs of all users and ingredients.
    • 21D for fibrous ingredients
    • Standard 30D multi-use attachment
    • 42D attachment for very fine blending
  • Safety microswitch to control the work position: prevents the turbine working if the arm is too high or low.
  • Safety guard on the liquidiser head and safety device that cuts out the power supply.
  • Maximum Recipient Capacity: 800 l Liquidising Arm Length: 600 mm Total Loading: 2200 W Speed (in liquid): 750-1500 rpmExternal dimensions (WxDxH)
    • Width: 568 mm
    • Depth: 1643 mm (963 mm)
    • Height: 1219 mm (1651 mm)
    Net Weight: 96 Kg Noise Level (1m.): <70 dB(A) Background Noise: 32 dB(A)

    Default equipment

    • Trolley, motor and arm (without attachments).

    Optional equipment

    Attachments: • 21D for fibrous ingredients • Standard 30D attachment for general use • 42D attachment for very fine blending

£6037.98 +VAT